About MyRecoveryDC

MyRecovery is a public education campaign with an online service that helps DC residents who use opioids, alcohol, and other drugs find treatment and recovery services in their neighborhood. As part of Live.Long.DC, this program seeks to increase the use of the District’s treatment and recovery services by increasing access to and reducing the stigma surrounding drug use and treatment.

MyRecovery.dc.gov includes real stories of recovery, a connection to Certified DC Peers, and a directory of treatment and recovery services by Ward. Real stories of recovery have been shown to help people who use drugs and alcohol in their journey from addiction to health.

MyRecovery affirms Live.Long.DC’s commitment to four key principles:

  • Treatment works.
  • Recovery is possible.
  • Connecting with a peer can help you find your own path to recovery.
  • Treatment and recovery services are available to you now in your community.

What is a peer? 

In recovery, “peers” are people who have lived through addiction and recovery. DC has nearly 100 Certified Peers who are ready to help you find your path to recovery and to encourage you along the way.