How It Works

How It Works

Treatment and recovery are part of the journey from addiction to health.


The District has many different levels of treatment services. An initial assessment helps determine the level of treatment you need. Treatments include:

  • Outpatient: You visit a clinic regularly but do not stay there.
  • Intensive outpatient: Similar to outpatient, but you live for a time at the clinic.
  • Residential: You spend some time at a facility to detox safely.
  • Medication-assisted treatment (also known as “MAT”): You take medications to help with withdrawal. Learn more about MAT.


After treatment, DC provides different options to support your recovery. These services include:

  • Coordination of your care
  • Mentoring and coaching from counselors and peers
  • Education and job-readiness support
  • Recovery housing
  • Transportation assistance

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