Stories Of Recovery

Stories Of Recovery

DC Health My Recovery Peer Michelle

Women do recover. I’m living proof.

Her shyness led her to take that first drink. And then she couldn’t stop not taking it.

In my darkest points, I kept hope.

At 24, Mark J had his life mapped out. Dentist. Married with kids. A BMW and Benz, with homes in the Islands and the District. But life didn’t work out that way.

I gave myself a chance.

Mark S was an altar boy. He did sports and played chess. The nuns at his prominent Catholic high school told him he had a great future. Then came drugs and alcohol.

I live in the light.

She lost her father to drugs and alcohol. Then she became lost herself. But in recovery, she now lives “in the light.”

Today, I don’t feel incomplete.

Addiction and family trauma made recovery illusive — until she surrendered.